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Thin Pavers

Thin pavers are a diverse and beautiful group of products. Measuring only 1-1/4 inch in thickness, they are specially designed to overlay existing concrete on driveways, patios, and pool decks. Thin Pavers create a unique upscale look without the hassle, expense, and mess of tearing out existing surfaces.

While often called “brick pavers”, thin pavers are not actually bricks, as they are made out of colored concrete. Concrete thin pavers are relatively strong and inexpensive compared to other building materials.

One of the benefits of thin pavers is the ease of maintenance. A simple garden hose and scrub brush will handle most clean-ups. Excessive pressure washing is not recommended.

We are Thin Pavers Experts!

We proudly install pavers from Flagstone Pavers in Brooksville. Our close relationship and high purchase volume with a local paver manufacturers ensures high quality, rapid delivery times, and substantial cost savings that are passed on to our customers.

For further information on thin pavers see the excellent brochures from the Interlocking Concrete Pavers Institute:

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Thin Paver Styles


The most popular thin paver styles are the 4″ x 8″ (the size of a common brick) and “Boca”.

Coping Styles


Thin Paver Photo Gallery


Thin Pavers on Pool Decks

We specialize in the installation of thin pavers and coping on pool decks.


Thin Pavers on Driveways

Thin pavers look great on driveways!


Thin Pavers on Walkways

Pavers are a wonderful enhancement to your home’s walkways.


Thin Pavers on Commercial Pool Decks

Thin pavers create a wonderful transformation for a commercial pool environment.


Thin Paver Closeup Photos

Here are some closeup photos of thin paver applications.